Over the last 17 years we've designed some of the most iconic brands for Muslim audiences. While doing so, we've built a diverse, global, and values-driven team that feels like family.

Our story

Founded by Peter Gould in Australia, we’ve grown into an international team brought together by our intention to design with heart for positive change.

Since 2003, we have been at the center of creating the foundations for some of the most well-known brands in the Islamic Economy while working with recognised multinationals.

With our entrepreneurial mindset, we helped build Salam Sisters & 5Pillars with Zileej—co-founded by Peter Gould. This involved developing the original concepts from prototypes into two globally-loved Muslim lifestyle brands.

We believe our Heart-Centered Design aspirations and our years of experience have resulted in success for our in-house & client projects.

We’re proud of our diverse international team and collaborative culture. Together, we’ve built a welcoming and fun place to work that allows our strengths to thrive.


Neil King
Communications Director - MENA
An experienced journalist of 15 years, Neil was editor of the Gulf region’s longest-running business magazine before joining Gould Studio as Communications Director for MENA. As well as business development and human-centered design research, Neil is in constant search of Dubai’s best cup of coffee.
Subhi Bora
Communications Director
With a background in psychology, Subhi leads our human-centered design research, while also working on business development and marketing. Passionate about human rights, she uses creativity to raise awareness about Uyghur culture through numerous initiatives. Subhi also has a butterfly named after her.
Peter Gould
Chief Design Officer, Founder
A pioneer of contemporary Islamic design, Peter has numerous accreditations and awards to his name. He has developed the concept of Heart-Centered Design which he puts into practice with global design projects & philanthropic initiatives. He is also a Star Wars aficionado, aspiring to reach the rank of Jedi Master.
Daryl Prondoso
Design Director
With a background in branding, identity, and digital experiences, Daryl has more than a decade of experience working with clients from global giants to start-ups. His passion for crafting print and physical media is matched by his love for Prince, making music, karaoke and spreadsheets.
Kais Al Kaissi
Brand Director
With degrees in graphic design, art history, and branding, Arsenal devotee Kais is an expert in all things brand related. As well as helping NGOs with their strategies, Kais works alongside his wife on their books and toys start-up Jolly Animals, which has twice been crowdfunded on LaunchGood.
Nick Farncomb
Creative Director
A designer since 2006, Nick is one of our longest-serving team members, having developed brands, products and ideas with Peter for over eight years. His love for gaming, illustration, and stories of fantastic adventures are put to good use as the studio’s resident Game Master and he's also creating many of his own games.
Fadilah Arief
Designer & Indonesia Lead
You might know Fadilah from her popular Instagram comic Fadilah In London, which chronicles the adventures of an Indonesian grad student in the UK. She brings her talents to Gould Studio as a designer and communications expert with Indonesian insight, as well as vegetable-grower extraordinaire.
Amanda Siswojo
An NYU graduate with a background in game design and illustration, Amanda has a passion for creating art that expresses meaning and culture. One of the team’s resident gaming experts, Amanda also turns her creativity to crafts and DIY, while enjoying conversations with her cats.
Dinda Gayathri
Dinda brings a wealth of expertise in graphic design, illustration, and art direction to Gould Studio. Rarely seen without a multitude of bracelets on her wrist, Dinda is a crafting devotee, making accessories and toys for her daughter. She’s also a musical maestro, singing and playing guitar in her free time.
Amin Dada
With over a decade of experience in advertising and branding, Amin has a passion for well-crafted and beautifully articulated ideas. Based in Beirut after stints in China and Saudi Arabia, he's worked with clients and NGOs in diverse industries from fashion to finance.
Eka Hardiningtyas (Tyas)
With expertise in illustration, UI/UX and graphic design, Tyas turns her skilled hand to social media content, website design, and other creative endeavours at Gould Studio. When her designing days are done, Tyas hopes to retire to her own island, complete with a holiday resort.
Bowow Nomura
Motion Designer
Much of the movement you see in our projects is thanks to Bowow. An expert in motion graphics, design, and animation, he keeps his imagination vivid through conversations with his kids, and carries his love for motion into his hobbies of inline skating & rollerblading.

About the Founder

Chief Design Officer of Gould Studio, Peter is an award-winning designer and creative entrepreneur. His personal spiritual journey has been a major influence on his creative work. His contribution in founding creative platforms and community initiatives has resulted in global recognition. He has also been appointed an Australia for UNHCR Ambassador for Refugees.

He is a recipient of the Stanford Certificate of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and has lectured on Design Thinking at the University of Technology Sydney.

Peter also teaches through his online platform, The Heart of Design, and facilitates workshops to audiences ranging from senior levels of government to classrooms over the world. His vision is to encourage a Heart-Centered Design movement that enriches humanity by fostering cross-cultural understanding and spiritually-inspired entrepreneurship.

“People dream of becoming someone or doing something that will leave a lasting impression for generations. Peter Gould is one of those dreamers who found the courage to pursue his dreams.”
Saudi Gazette

Giving Back

We believe it's a responsibility to help strengthen our communities. Over the years, we've helped bring together like-hearted people through numerous projects. We've introduced design thinking to young students, we actively support charity campaigns, and more.

Peter Gould is an Australia for UNHCR Ambassador supporting refugees.
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