Working with us

We build brands, experiences, and products with strategic thinking & Heart-Centered Design. This means we create business value while encouraging sincerity, intentionality, craftsmanship, gratitude, service, and blessings for a holistic design process.

Design Thinking & Research

To better understand audiences and unlock meaningful insights, we embrace design thinking. We immerse ourselves in the perspective of the people who will be interacting with what we create. This leads to empathy & understanding that guides design decisions towards a remarkable outcome.

Strategic Branding
for Muslim audiences

Behavioural insights lead to business growth with our strategic approach to branding. With our unique experience designing for the Islamic Economy & Muslim lifestyle brands, we can help your organisation genuinely connect with Muslims in English, Arabic, and Indonesian.

Product Innovation
and Development

Imagining, developing, and launching a globally loved brand for Muslims requires specific understanding, expertise, and design intent. We have helped many teams achieve this vision, as well as launching our own two brands in-house.

Design Process

When working with us, you’ll get access to a scalable team responsive to your needs. With our experienced multidisciplinary design team, we've developed a design process with proven results.

1. Discover

By understanding your business goals and customers, we can discover insights that guide what we ideate and build for. This results in a strategic plan that prioritises the areas of focus for growth and impact.

  • Strategic workshops
  • Design thinking for business growth
  • Heart-Centered values alignment
  • Research & customer empathy
  • Interviews, surveys & user insights
  • User journey experience & mapping
  • Identifying target personas
  • Brand audit & co-opetition analysis
  • Strategic brand roadmap

2. Ideate

We explore creative concepts and define a solution space. Through testing, we arrive at potential solutions to address friction points and align with business strategy.

  • Brand strategy development
  • Concept exploration & ideation
  • Product concept design
  • Naming & identity
  • UX & UI digital prototyping
  • Storytelling & storyboarding
  • Character design
  • Game design & gamification
  • User testing & validation

3. Build

Informed by research and insights we build the product, brand, or experience that delivers on project objectives and aligns with the brand vision.

  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Brand architecture
  • Digital products & assets
  • Print collateral assets
  • Pitch decks & templates
  • Events & physical spaces
  • Video, media & motion graphics
  • Art direction & styling
  • Logos, illustration & graphic design
  • Publications, books & reports

4. Grow

Growth relies on assessing how people are interacting with what we’ve created. We continually test, research, and iterate different strategies and solutions for ongoing design-driven growth.

  • Launch-ready creative assets
  • Creative campaign development
  • Digital marketing & social content
  • Marketing guidelines
  • Influencer relationships
  • Community building
  • Arabic & Indonesian reach
  • Impact assessment & validation
  • Strategic growth consulting

Working with us

There are three ways of working with our team. Our flexible approach allows your organisation to benefit from a scalable design partner.

1. Partnership

The best way of working with us is through a comprehensive design partnership. Together we can reach the bold vision for your brand by delivering on weekly objectives and long-term outcomes.

2. Project

A good way to get started with our team is with an individual project brief. We’ll propose a set of deliverables to align with your business goals or strategic objectives.

3. Workshop

We facilitate workshops to help your organisation understand how, why, and where to use Heart-Centered Design. This helps build creative confidence and a design mindset within your team.


“In order to fulfil this vision of being the best, we’ve partnered with some of the best: Gould Studio. Working with the team has been a natural fit with their wealth of experience with branding in the Muslim space.”
Omar Hamid, LaunchGood CDO

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