We distilled a heritage-inspired lifestyle brand's purpose to guide growth with confidence

Based in California, Artizara is a heritage-inspired lifestyle brand founded in 2002. With a strong design aesthetic inspired by global Muslim cultures, we were tasked with articulating their story & transforming their online store experience.

  • Branding Architecture & Guidelines
  • Creative Direction
  • Research & Focus Groups
  • Branding & Packaging
  • Product Development
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Social Content
  • E-Commerce UX & UI
"Working with Gould Studio was transformational. They helped us distill the 'Why' of our business, the guiding purpose, from which all else flows. They worked hands-on as part of our team, understanding the unique challenges as well as opportunities that growth presents.
We've worked with them for over a decade and they've always gone above and beyond. They not only helped us reimagine our brand but also improve operational aspects of our business. They are so much more than a design studio. And the result speaks for itself."
Sarah Ansari
Artizara CEO & Founder

Vision: Connect hearts through the deep beauty and diverse artistry of global Muslim cultures.

As Artizara grew from its humble beginnings, the vision for the brand was always intuited but not clearly defined.

Our team worked with Artizara to understand and communicate the heart of what guides the brand. We did this through human-centered design research including interviews, surveys, and strategy sessions, as well as immersing ourselves into their team to understand how they were working from the inside out.

What resulted was a guiding set of brand foundations true to the brand, and with practical relevance to the team, to unify Artizara’s communications and future growth.

Creative direction of photoshoots, website design & content strategy

Our creative lead joined the Artizara team in San Diego to direct photoshoots for use across the website, social media, and other communication touchpoints to refresh the brand’s imagery inline with our brand guidelines.

We developed the messaging alongside the imagery to help share Artizara’s brand story with their community with elegance, confidence, and clarity.

A comprehensive brand refresh, empowering the team to thrive

With our templates, guidelines, and creative assets, we empowered the Artizara team to continue building upon the foundations of the brand that we crafted.

As the brand continues to grow, we’re excited to see what they achieve with their renewed creative direction.

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