We built a campaign in collaboration with Greenpeace to inspire young Muslims to join the movement for climate justice, generating more than 50,000 pledges within the first 4 months.

One of the most well-known NGOs in the world, Greenpeace has worked tirelessly and creatively since 1971 to foster a greener, more peaceful world, and confront the systems that threaten our environment. With its many and varied campaigns, initiatives and events, Greenpeace has a mission to protect the planet and build a movement of people with the courage and conviction to help build a better world.

  • Visual and verbal identity
  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital launch assets
  • Motion graphics
  • Launch video
  • Website design
“Gould Studio was a true partner in this project. The team worked with great passion and dedication to bring this initiative to life.

It was a true pleasure to work with an agency that believes in the goal of Ummah for Earth and shares many common values with our organization.”
Dima Masri, Ummah for Earth Communication Lead

With the goal to unlock the latent strength of the Ummah’s environmental integrity, Greenpeace formed an alliance with the vision to catalyse action among Muslim communities around the world. It was our role to turn the vision of the alliance into a campaign with an initial focus on the MENA region and South East Asia.

Driven by urgency and hope, duty and positivity, the campaign needed to appeal to young Muslims, and be delivered in English, Arabic, French and Bahasa Indonesia. By working closely with Greenpeace, we developed a visual and verbal identity that spoke to the hearts of the target audience and communicated the importance of a united front on climate action. Within the first four months, more than 50,000 people had pledged their support to the campaign, with numbers continuing to grow.

Creating a hopeful and proactive visual identity for a diverse audience.

With the help of research and insights that Greenpeace had accumulated on their target demographic, we started to craft a strategy for the campaign through internal brainstorming sessions and deeper research on Islam’s relationship with the environment.

These brainstorming sessions, combined with feedback from the Greenpeace team, and consideration of the language requirements, led us to arrive at three core concepts that we explored further.

This resulted in our final campaign name, Ummah for Earth, with the tagline ‘Protect to Progress’. At its heart was the idea of unity among diversity - driving a sense of movement towards a common goal shared between the many and varied cultures encompassed by Islam.

The visual brand identity was built on three core elements of the logo, representing people, the earth, and Islam. Bringing together vibrant colours, a mature illustration style, and carefully selected imagery, the campaign came to life in a striking and upbeat way.

Value alignment for positive change.

From the sincere intentions of the campaign to its profound vision, the Ummah for Earth movement aligns perfectly with our Heart-Centered approach, and our own ambitions to do good in the world.

Through this campaign we hope to inspire a generation of young Muslims to take action on pressing issues like climate change. We are custodians of the earth, and we pray our work helps to bring the Ummah together in pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future.

“Gould Studio were responsive and it felt like a real partnership. They have a wonderful combination of expertise and humility that made it a really enjoyable process. It has resulted in a great name and a young, vibrant brand that builds on the Islamic values at the heart of this project.”
- Joe White, Greenpeace Community Engagement Manager

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