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LaunchGood is a global crowdfunding platform that supports Muslims across the world by helping them raise funds for causes, charities and creative campaigns. LaunchGood’s vision is to enable and empower the global Muslim community, and to help encourage ideas that can challenge narratives, transform lives, and create positive change.

  • Research & Customer Interviews
  • Visual & Verbal Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Product UX/UI
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing Content
  • Motion Graphics & Video
  • Assessing Impact & A/B Testing
“In order to fulfil this vision of being the best, we’ve partnered with some of the best: Gould Studio. Working with Peter Gould and his team has been a natural fit with their wealth of experience with branding in the Muslim space.”
Omar Hamid, LaunchGood CDO

Over the past two years, Gould Studio and LaunchGood have worked closely together in a design partnership to refresh their identity and brand strategy, and to re-imagine their key seasonal products for Ramadan, Dhul Hijjah and Giving Tuesday.

Through a design partnership with the LaunchGood team, we have been able to embed ourselves within their business and team culture providing ongoing strategic thinking and daily design support for the team, continually collaborating to push their products to new heights.

Elevating authentically Muslim stories, creativity, and culture.

By immersing ourselves within the LaunchGood team, we were able to undertake a series of extensive strategic workshops, surveys and customer listening sessions. We were able to identify key insights from the community and use this data to inform key decisions about the brand vision and product strategy.

The Muslim community shares a strong global connection – a community that creates campaigns with sincerity of heart, and one that gives with incredible generosity. We wanted the re-imagined vision and products to activate and amplify these connections and bring the rich stories and content from the community to the forefront.

During the design process, we asked ourselves questions like: How could we make LaunchGood a daily destination during Ramadan? How could we make LaunchGood at top of mind on Giving Tuesday? How can we bring excitement to the giving experience?

We were able to take these questions and through rapid prototyping and UX explorations, were able to introduce key additions to their products such as the Pulse, a content based feed, the Give List which allows users to automatically donate to their favourite campaigns, and a Points system which rewards users for sharing, donating and fundraising.

The power of a global community connected digitally, emotionally, and in intention to do good.

By collaborating with LaunchGood we’ve contributed to the achievement of numerous milestones. We recognise it takes a strongly aligned team with different strengths to achieve continued growth. It’s been an honour to celebrate these milestones together with the talented LaunchGood team: helping to raise $15.5M in Ramadan 2019, and doubling that to $32M in Ramadan 2020.

With our ongoing design partnership, we aim to support this growth through to their next milestone of $1B raised.

$32M raised
250K supporters
Ramadan 2020
$15.5M raised
76K supporters
Ramadan 2019
$4M raised
14K supporters
Dhul Hijjah 2020
$1.5M raised
6.5K supporters
Dhul Hijjah 2019
$720K raised
12K supporters
Giving Tuesday 2019
$130M raised
500K members
So far...
“[Gould Studio] transformed Ramadan on LaunchGood and raised it to a whole new level. I knew Peter’s team was talented, but I wasn’t expecting the depth of design thought and relentless passion to see LaunchGood maximize its potential this year, breaking all records on the site for fundraising.”
Chris Blauvelt, LaunchGood CEO

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