Muslim Exchange Programs

Australian Government supported programs reimagined with digital cross-cultural exchange

Australia Indonesia Connections’ well established AIMEP (Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange program) and AAMEP (Australia-ASEAN Muslim Exchange Program) are long-running successful programs for professional Muslim leaders from Australia and the ASEAN region, supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). In the two decades that it has been running, it has seen hundreds of Australians travelling to ASEAN nations, and vice versa, for an intense 1-2 week program. The goal has always been to build connections and increase collaboration between these neighbouring regions.

In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Gould Studio was tasked to reimagine these in-person programs into a digital experience. We closely worked together with Australia Indonesia Connection (AIC) to co-create this unique digital experience. With a proud reputation preceding it, MEP’s authenticity and professionalism was a key element to preserve in the digital shift. 

  • UX/UI and Website Design
  • Brand Strategy & Architecture
  • Visual and Verbal Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing Content
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Virtual Program Strategy & Execution
"The program would not have been the success it was without the invaluable contribution of our design partners at Gould Studio. The team brought the full range of their expertise to the design & delivery of an exceptional program that exceeded all expectations.

We were amazed how successful an online-only program could be, and the work done by Gould Studio played a huge role in that. They were instrumental in developing and executing the strategy, digital platforms, live events & weekly creative content. Thank you!"
Brynna Rafferty-Brown, Australia-Indonesia Connections

Online Program Reimagined

Quality and engagement was kept at the forefront of considerations when designing the program. Utilising tools such as Zoom and Thinkific we created a digital environment elevating the learning experience. Slack served as the hub of communication allowing delegates to communicate amongst themselves and allowing us a steady stream of feedback to further fine tune our program structure.

In-person programs saw much wider community engagement. Utilising social media we were able to reach an even wider audience connected to delegates, speakers and the institutions involved. Weekly highlight videos uploaded to Youtube and “Meet the Delegate” Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn posts allowed friends, colleagues, alumni and general followers of the MEP to peer into the program as it ran for 8 weeks.

"Before I participated in AIMEP Online program 2021, I participated in a lot of online programs and mostly the programs were kind of boring, because of the lack of interactivity, etc. And the most interesting thing is, AIMEP is really well organised so it's beyond my expectation. So being able to participate in AIMEP is an interesting experience. AIMEP is really well organised. The time management can be said to be almost perfect."
Isral, AIMEP 2021 Indonesian delegate

Building strong connections

A key metric of success for the programs was the quality of connections that followed. A grassroots program aimed at young leaders from neighboring countries in hopes of building a brighter future together.

The digital MEP was able to take on 5x the number of delegates as the in person program - increasing the possibility of cross collaboration between a wider range of delegates. This was evident during the 2021 AIMEP when the COVID-19 pandemic reached record numbers in Indonesia - 2 delegates paired up with representatives from the Muhammadiyah Society in Indonesia to raise over 33,000 AUD in aid.

Many of the delegates continued their interactions after the program. Half of the Australian delegates now plan on travelling overseas to meet their fellow ASEAN delegates. Both ASEAN and Australian delegates plan to collaborate to produce digital social content, hold conferences, set up educational and social community initiatives, and connect their work and volunteer organisations with other delegates and their organisations.

"I am absolutely astounded by the quality of the AIMEP program and the impact it has had on my life personally and my understanding of intercultural experience, my understanding of community dynamics has really been broadened by this program."
Soumaya, AIMEP 2021 Australian delegate

Website & Alumni Directory Build

The website was designed for applicants to understand more about the programs, enquire and apply. Utilising best usability and web practices, the website is a space to stay up to date with the MEP.

We believed that the potential of AIMEP and AAMEP does not have to end at the conclusion of each year’s program. The team envisioned methods of continuing the program passively and furthering the value of past delegations. In response - an Alumni Directory was strategically designed to be the nexus of current delegates and alumni encouraging future collaboration.

"During lockdown it (the program) was one of my social spaces. The program was designed with heart, the platforms were very well prepared, the energy in every session was amazing."
Ilma, AIMEP 2021 Indonesian delegate
"What surprised me was that we were able to have an awesome program online. I’m not really an online kind of person but this was able to be done in a way where Alhumdulilah it kept us engaged with one another in a very different kind of way."
Dean, AIMEP 2021 Australian delegate
"One surprise on my side, even though the program was held online. It can be done well and interesting, and the program feels so professional, on time, family oriented and really delightful."
Arninta, AIMEP 2021 Indonesian delegate
"My overall experience with AIMEP was phenomenal. It actually surpassed what I expected. I actually didn’t believe it would be so interactive and engaging considering it was going to be online."
Anisa, AIMEP 2021 Australian delegate


Average program rating from 28 delegates
raised for Indonesian pandemic relief
of delegates have plans to collaborate in future

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