What Is Heart-Centered Design?

Heart-Centered Design is a set of principles we’ve developed at Gould Studio to provide a framework for meaningful work.

Inspired by spiritual aspirations, it is formed at the intersection of design as an outward practice and the spiritual experience of beneficial inward transformation.

Intentionality & Purpose

  • Reframe success to be inclusive of financial impact and personal, spiritual wellbeing
  • Seek clarity of purpose in each project, embracing a holistic understanding of design
  • Create work to inspire, inform and respect our audiences - not pressure, rush or addict

Sincerity & Consiousness

  • Practice design to illuminate hearts, empower livelihoods and transform communities
  • Align our work to meaningful causes, clients and projects that benefit humanity
  • Remind and reconnect audiences to divine beauty & artistic perfection in creation

Beauty & Craftmanship‎

  • Commit to quality, well considered execution of design in all aspects
  • Manifest beauty and artistry, reflecting God’s divine names & attributes
  • Honour traditional creative heritage and legacy of excellence in artisanship

Contentment & Gratitude‎

  • Practice humility and gracefulness by appreciating any success as a gift
  • Accept challenges & setbacks as learning and wisdom on the path to growth
  • Cultivate awe and wonder at the creative majesty of nature and design of the universe

Service & Trust

  • Understand our design capability as a trust & responsibility to serve and empower others
  • Reframe personal, community and global challenges as design problems to be solved
  • Foster a culturally diverse, global like-hearted movement striving for bright, shared future

Blessings & Optimism

  • Believe in an abundance of opportunities to design for good and positive change
  • Aspire for far-reaching positive impact, with a very long-term interpretation of success
  • Embrace a co-opetition (not competition) mindset; together we are stronger

With every project we work on, Heart-Centered Design helps us to ask better questions about ourselves and the work that we do—both as a team, and individuals.

It ensures that we produce great results for our like-hearted clients, and also make a positive impact on the world around us, by starting within.

The above principles give us a new modality for thinking about our role, responsibility, and potential as designers; steering us away from designing for addiction and distraction, and towards designing for wellbeing, social good, and inclusion.

Why Heart-Centered Design is important

Heart-Centered Design allows us to elevate our work beyond appearances by going deep to create brands, products and experiences that are value-driven. This means we can do good in the world while fulfilling—and often transcending—the ambitions of our clients.

“Understanding and applying spiritual principles to our work as designers can enrich and inform our design process. 

This can accelerate our path to meaningful, fulfilling, & sustainable work that serves humanity during a time of transformation.”
Peter Gould, Founder and Chief Design Officer, Gould Studio
"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy"

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