What Is Heart-Centered Design?

Gould Studio embraces spiritually-inspired Heart-Centered Design aspirations to guide and define our team culture and design process. Through these aspirations, we seek to align values with like-hearted clients and broaden our shared understanding of project success.

Sincerity الْإخْلاص

  • Practice design to illuminate hearts, empower livelihoods and transform communities
  • Align our work to meaningful causes, clients and projects that benefit humanity
  • Remind and reconnect audiences to divine beauty & artistic perfection in creation

Intentionality نيّة

  • Reframe success to be inclusive of financial impact and personal, spiritual wellbeing
  • Seek clarity of purpose in each project, embracing a holistic understanding of design
  • Create work to inspire, inform and respect our audiences - not pressure, rush or addict

Craftmanship إحْسان‎

  • Commit to quality, well considered execution of design in all aspects
  • Manifest beauty and artistry, reflecting God’s divine names & attributes
  • Honour traditional creative heritage and legacy of excellence in artisanship

Gratitude رضا‎

  • Practice humility and gracefulness by appreciating any success as a gift
  • Accept challenges & setbacks as learning and wisdom on the path to growth
  • Cultivate awe and wonder at the creative majesty of nature and design of the universe

Service أمانة

  • Understand our design capability as a trust & responsibility to serve and empower others
  • Reframe personal, community and global challenges as design problems to be solved
  • Foster a culturally diverse, global like-hearted movement striving for bright, shared future

Blessings بركة

  • Believe in an abundance of opportunities to design for good and positive change
  • Aspire for far-reaching positive impact, with a very long-term interpretation of success
  • Embrace a co-opetition (not competition) mindset; together we are stronger
"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy"

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