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At Gould Studio, we value flexibility, autonomy and inclusivity just as much as we love curiosity, imagination and fun. Our like-hearted culture keeps our global team connected and helps us rise to every new challenge with authenticity, creativity and soul.

If you’d like to join our global community of designers, thinkers and strategists, check out our opportunities.

How we work

We aspire to base everything we do as a studio on Heart-Centered Design: a set of principles that provide a framework for meaningful work and a guide for our team culture. 

We believe we’re at our best when given the environment to nourish ourselves personally and professionally. Wellbeing, creativity, and impact go hand in hand, and we work hard to ensure we’re doing our best for each other—as well as our clients—every day.

Stronger together

One thing we love about our team is its diversity. Across Sydney, Jakarta, Dubai, Beirut, and beyond, every one of our team members bring a unique perspective. 

The variety of cultures, environments, backgrounds and ambitions keep us in a constant state of learning and appreciation, while our shared values create strong bonds that translate into the work we do together.

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