We’re looking for a full stack Website Developer to join our Indonesian team. If you’ve got agency experience but want a change from the corporate slog, we might be right for you.

At Gould Studio, we value flexibility, autonomy and inclusivity just as much as we love curiosity, imagination and fun. Our like-hearted culture keeps our global team connected and helps us rise to every new challenge with authenticity, creativity and soul.

Think purposeful brands, global company environment, remote works, and flexible option for 4 day weeks. Send us your cover letter and CV to and we’ll be in touch if we feel we could work well together.

Applications for this role must be based in Indonesia.  Sorry, we cannot take applications from other locations.

"we've built a diverse, global, and values-driven team that feels like family"

Join us in designing brands, products, and experiences that aim to leave a positive impact in the world. If you have proficiency in Laravel:

  • Proficiency in Laravel (preferably Laravel 7-8) with an understanding of AWS server management (EC2 and RDS). The applicant should be efficient in front-end development with Laravel blade extensions, utilizing ajax inside blade files or other methods of connecting with the serve- side code (Laravel livewire, Vue.js etc).
  • The applicant should be efficient in laravel back-end software development. Creating database migrations, running eloquent queries, working with DB queues, jobs, working with external APIS.
  • The applicant should be competent in creating feature complete web-apps and hosting/running them on the AWS platform.

If you really want to stand out, we need you to have specific understanding in:

  • PHP, Javascript/JQuery, MYSQL, Html, CSS (+bootstrap or other framework)
  • AWS EC2 server management capabilities (create and manage ec2 servers, bonus points if you know your way around linux operating systems)
  • AWS RDS server management capabilities (create & manage databses)
  • Front-end web development capabilities
  • Back-end web development capabilities
  • Laravel front-end development capabilities detail:
    You should be able to create front-end responsive website pages from graphic designs provided to you, utilizing css frameworks like bootstrap to speed up front-end development. Using flexbox would also be particularly good.
    Your front-end code should be well laid out in the html so that other could look at your code and be able to follow your logic and layout design.
  • Laravel back-end development capabilities detail:
    You should be able to create functions required to run a specific web-app requirements using Controllers, Commands, Jobs, Queues, and all other Laravel specific processes to achieve the result the web-app requires.
    You should have an ability to incorporate other composer packages and APIS into your Laravel web-app.
    You should have an ability to create services from scratch if no composer packages exist or a very specific system needs to be built for which there isn’t a pre-built package available.
  • Database details
    You should be able create databases specific to the application you are building. Create database migration files, use AWS RDS server tools to create backups of the database, create snapshots and configure multi AZ deployment for the database.


  • Problem solver: You should have a desire to find solutions to problems using the skills you have. Be creative in finding a way to get it done.
  • Willingness to learn new skills and approaches to coding.
  • Working closely with senior and junior design team members, in studio and remotely

Laravel Full Stack Web Developer (Indonesia-based only)

  • Negotiable salary based on experience and your preferred working arrangements
  • Full time with option for 4 day week
  • Flexible location
  • Please send us a cover letter, CV & portfolio
    (PDF <7MB or link) to
  • Seeking applicants by August 7th, 2021

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