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This Team is going
to miss you!


Dear Subhi,

It has been a true blessing to work with you over the past 8 or so years! Your contribution to the success of our company is beyond words. I’m so grateful for the countless times you made us shine and grow as individuals and as a team. I’ve learned so much from your beautiful character over the years. Thank you Subhi for your wisdoms, companionship and friendly counsel through many fun projects, global events, great times and tough ones. We will all dearly miss you being with us daily and guiding us through with your leadership and sincerity. Please do stay connected with us often, and I hope we might welcome you an encore or new season one day :)

For now, please know we are so happy to see the start of your chapter ahead and wish you the most beautiful journey ahead with your baby and family!

With sincere thanks always,


Dear Hi-Sub,

I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy and that the shift into parenthood is an amazing and smooth one. It's going to be sad to see another veteran from the core team go. I'm going to miss your honesty, intelligence, and sense of stylish grace, but I look forward to meeting the little one once you are ready to share with us.

Best wishes,


Dear Subhi,

I can’t begin to express how valuable you’ve been to my journey with the studio. Haya and I are forever grateful for having crossed path with you and Omar. Praying to Allah for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. May Allah bless your home with Barakah, Iman, and Rida. Whatever you guys need for your coming journey, we are here for you and ready to share our humble experience and little tips. Looking forward to working together again, as I’m not done learning from you!


Hey subhi!

Good luck on your new lifetime client! Insyallah your new baby will bring loads of happiness and barakah for you and Omar


I wish you all the best for a quick and easy birth! We'll be missing your presence here, Subhi.. Wishing you the best for a marvelous maternity leave. I can't wait to see pictures of your baby! Enjoy every moment!


Cannot be happier for you on this next chapter in your life! Personally glad that I will hear some baby and Subhi sounds when on calls with Omar for the next little while! ❤️


I know you're going to be a tremendous parent. Wishing you nothing but happiness!


Dear Subhi,

It's been so lovely working and learning from you this past half year. You've been an amazing role model who I look up to. Thank you for being a great friend and coworker. I wish we could have spent more time together! InshaAllah you and Omar are blessed with a healthy, happy baby, I can't wait to meet her! All the best for the future of motherhood ❤️

lots of love,


Subhi you have made your markHere’s to starting a new chapter, we will miss you!a million congratulations, you enjoy your time and experience a wonderful time with your baby inshallah. God bless you!Ps: you’ll do GREAT!


Dear Subhi,

I'm glad to be part of your journey in GS and I learned a lot from you, you're so friendly and passionate. Wishing you all the best for your next adventure. You'll be a great mother inshaAllah. We met only once and super super short but I believe we can meet again in the future ❤️


Dear Subhi,

Welcome to your new chapter of life in this motherhood journey.Hope you’ll always enjoy every magical second of it.I can bet, it’s gonna be your most favourite job ever.Wishing you, Omar & the baby-to-be to have such a wonderful moment everyday.

Stay safe, healthy & happy.


Dear Subhi,

I remember when we first me in Dubai a few years back and how kindly and compassionately you treated our wee daughter when she was on the verge of completely taking over the kids' workshop you and Peter were hosting. Looking back, it was clear that you would make a wonderful, nurturing, loving mother, and I'm so excited for you and Omar as you get closer and closer to welcoming your beautiful baby girl to the world!

Thank you so, so much for showing me the same kindness and compassion over the past year and a half - I'll miss seeing you on the group calls, but I'm looking forward to meeting the newest member of the team over Zoom soon!

Enjoy every moment of this new adventure,



Sending you lots of love for a wonderful baby break!Enjoy every minute of your leave with your new arrival! Congrats to you and Omar



Dear Subhi

Though it hasn’t been long since we have met. I must say, that I felt the value you brought in and the level of commitment you demonstrated. it would be great to cross path with you again. I wish you all the best and don’t be a stranger.

All the very best.
Jess Tayel


Dear Subhi.

So excited for you and Omar on this next stage of your lives. Can’t wait to see the little bubba inshallah.

Was lovely working with you and it’s a shame I won’t get to work with you but inshallah maybe in the future we might get that opportunity.

Goodluck with everything and can’t wait to hear and watch this next part of your life journey.


Peter & Aninta

Mabrook and well done Subhi! May Allah bless your little one and always protect them. I'm confident that you will be a great mother (and Omar a great father by your side). I'm sure you already have an incredible support network but feel free to reach out if you guys need anything.

Much love,
Peter & Aninta


Subhi, I didn’t get the chance to work with you closely but I’m sure that you have been a great asset to Gould! I look forward to staying connected! Congratulations on your new arrival. I’m overjoyed for your family and wish you all the best.


Congratulations Subhi!

enjoy your time and experience a wonderful maternity leave. You have taken one step ahead of happiness. I wish you all the best and enjoy every second of this wonderful time... 😊


Dear Subhi,

Thank you so much for all the support and learnings you've provided me within the last few months! I feel really lucky to have been under your wing.

We'll miss the positive energy you bring to the studio each day! (but now we can have garlic again). Congratulations on this next chapter of your life! You and Omar will make great parents. Looking forward to meeting Baby Bora soon!



Hi Subhi,

good luck on your next journey of being a mother to a beautiful child! we will miss you so much! And send my words to Omar: Welcome to the super dad club!