August 5, 2020

Heart of Design Conversations

A time for transformation

Introducing Gould Studio

It started as most things do in this year of COVID-19, with a conversation on what our future might look like.

We’ve been calling 2020 the “year of transformation”, where change has affected parts of our lives that we thought were reliably immoveable; like a gathering with friends, a handshake with a colleague, or booking a plane ticket.

As a team, we reflected on our achievements and the challenges we’ve grown from. As we face the unique challenges that 2020 has brought, we recognised the need to turn inward. What we found was our gratitude for our strong international team and the meaningful & successful design partnerships we’ve serviced with our core strategic design capabilities.

What surprised us was the recognition it was time to reflect our studio’s focus through a change in our brand. Today, I’m pleased to share our new identity with you: Gould Studio.

Building on nearly two decades of Islam-inspired design practise, creativity and collaboration, Gould Studio will continue to strive for meaningful change by design. At the centre of our approach is Heart-Centered Design – a collection of spiritually-grounded aspirations that guide and anchor our team culture and design process.

I’m so grateful to our supporters, our clients and our incredible team based in Sydney, Dubai and Jakarta. Together we’ve helped to imagine and launch globally-loved products, foster creative communities, and inspire hearts in many parts of the world.

In this new era of shared adversity and hope, our Gould Studio team is deeply motivated to work in partnership with more like-hearted clients. Together, we need to help lead the design of a bright, shared future.

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