Ramadan Ready
Developing Gould Studio’s first in-house mini-game to celebrate the start of Ramadan

A year into the Coronavirus pandemic, Muslims around the world were facing the prospect of a second Covid-affected Ramadan. With the challenges and hardships lockdowns, curfews and social distancing can bring, we wanted to play our part in making Ramadan feel special, and introduce an element of fun.

As in-person experiences have been severely limited as a result of the pandemic, online experiences have become increasingly popular, and in some cases important. So we decided that an online game would be a great way to connect with Muslims around the world. 

The initial concept was devised by our Jakarta team while they participated in a Beyond Borders Digital Media Academy class: A ‘finding’ game, in which players have to search different rooms of a house for hidden Ramadan-related items.

Titled Ramadan Ready, the game was built in just three-months using the game-engine Unity. The team designed a distinctive illustrative animation style and created hundreds of visual assets, as well as experimenting with scripts, storyboards, and user experience options. 

The result was a fun, engaging and relatable mini-game – the first from Gould Studio – that welcomed more than 2,100 players in the first three weeks after launch.

Play Ramadan Ready here to join the hunt for hidden Ramadan essentials!

  • Research
  • Game Design and Development
  • Visual Development
  • Game UI
  • Animation
  • Scripting & Storyboarding

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