Zaytuna College Bookstore
A new brand and digital experience for a well loved bookstore

Zaytuna College is a Muslim liberal arts college located in Berkeley, California. It aims to nurture morally, intellectually, and spiritually accomplished people through both Islamic and Western scholarly traditions.

At the heart of the campus is the much-loved Zaytuna Bookstore, designed & led by Khadija Annette.  Our role was to complement the physical bookstore with a refreshed digital experience & online store.  Working with the talented (& friendly) developer Bree Reese, our team was able to deliver a reimagined online experienced that resonated well with customers and boosted sales.

In previous years, our founder Peter Gould has designed a range of Zaytuna merchandise, posters, interior graphics, and a range of DVD & CD sets affiliated with Zaytuna scholars.

  • Website Design
  • User Experience
  • Brand Development
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